"Selamat Datang Ke Dunia Penuh Pancaroba"
Here are eight quick tips on using your voice effectively in a speech, presentation or training session.

• Make sure you speak loud enough for the audience to hear you. Nothing is worse than having to strain to hear a speaker present. So, before you begin a presentation, have someone stand at the back of the room and tell you if you can be heard.

• Don't shout into the microphone. Conversely, if you are using sound amplification equipment, avoid the temptation to speak loudly. Before you begin, have the sound technician adjust the amplification so that you can be heard clearly while using your normal voice.

• Avoid speaking in a monotone. The easiest way to put an audience to sleep is by speaking in the same tone of voice for a long period of time. Instead use your natural speech patterns with their variations in pitch.

• Change your delivery pace. By speaking at different speech rates for short periods, you can add energy and animation to your speech pattern. Observe the way you speak during a normal conversation with a friend or colleague. You will notice that sometimes you speak quickly and while at other times you slow down.

• Slow down for important points. By slowing your speech rate while delivering your key points, you can convey emphasis and importance.

• Use the pause. Silence is an excellent exclamation point. By slightly extending a pause, you can add emphasis to a key point in your presentation. The best presenters plan their pauses to achieve maximum impact!

• Drink water. Before your presentation, drink a glass of water. This can help prevent potential voice problems during your presentation. Keep a glass of water at the podium and take a sip of water as necessary during the presentation.

• Check out the national news. News anchors provide some of the best examples of effective voice usage.
signed Daddy Long-Legged


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