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What is thought? Ò Crucial component in play analysis – intellectual focus of the play. Ò The playwright’s observations about life that motivate writing the play Ò The playwright’s philosophical, moral or ethical assessment of the world Ò Subject matter – action & the significance of that action Ò The consequences of characters’ goals, successes and failures. Ò Also called as `spine’ – a central core that unites and controls all parts of the unit into a cohesive whole. Techniques for understanding thought Ò Internal Evidence É Subject & Theme É The Dramatic Triad É The Major Dramatic Question É The Play’s Title Ò External Evidence É The Playwright’s “Five-Foot Shelf” É The Playwright’s Personal Observations É Studies of the Writer É The Playwright’s Times É The Playwright’s Theatre É Influences on the Playwright É Views of other Theatre People É Scholarly & Contemporary Critical Works Internal Evidence Ò Subject and Theme É Subject- core of the play, answer to the question – what is the play about? É Express the answer in a single word or two – justice, revenge, truth, destiny, right versus wrong, etc. É Theme – the play’s point of view about the subject – express the theme with a phrase or sentence. Ò The Dramatic Triad Ò The Point of attack –the play’s first shift in existing equilibrium – What happens in the play? Ò The Protagonist’s goal – begins with the point of attack and continues until the climax – What does the protagonist want? What is the point of attack? What are the climax? Ò Thought – it is shown by the play’s action and the protagonist’s goal Ò The Major Dramatic Question (MDQ) É It is thrust into the audience’s minds by the point of attack when the protagonist faces a dilemma and must set goals to solve it. Ò The Play Title É Title often expresses a great deal of the subject – gain insight into the play’s thought. External evidence Ò The Playwright’s `Five-foot Shelf’ É Refers to the belief that every writer consciously or unconsciously seeks to create a personal view of the world. É Study the playwright’s other works to understand his overall concept of humanity and the world Ò The Playwright’s Personal Observations on his play Ò Studies of the Writer Ò The Playwright’s Times Ò Influences of the Playwright Ò Views of Other Theatre People Ò Scholarly & Contemporary Critical Works.
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